Finding Joy In Chaos Workshop (SOLD OUT)

March 2nd, 2019

Logan, UT

Cost: $750

Time: 11am-7pm

I am so excited to announce my first, family photography workshop! As I tossed and turned all night thinking of what to name this workshop, I couldn’t help but remember my life’s motto ,”There is beauty in all chaos”. This is something that has helped me thrive in my photography business in photographing families. I can count on one hand all the easy sessions I’ve had. Yes, it is rare and guess what? I love the chaos and the unknown part of family photography and it’s what others are terrified of. If this is you, I’m here to help you take action and learn steps to create beautiful family portraits even if a child is screaming in the photo.

Here is what we will learn and topics covered in the time you’ll spend with me:

  • Preparing your clients for an incredible experience. I’ll teach you step by step, what I do before my sessions to get to know the family and how this helps children and their parents feel more relaxed.

  • Location scouting for your clients. How many of you have clients who find a location for you? Then you stress about what the light will be like? No more! I’ll share with you how I pick the location.

  • Camera Setting - The benefits of shooting Kelvins WB, apertures, shutter speeds and more!

  • Lighting- I truly believe lighting transforms an image into something that was great to absolutely breathtaking. I’ll teach you how I use light to help capture a beautiful story.

  • Posing - Posing a family is my absolute favorite thing. I’ll help you train your eyes to find unique, heartfelt feelings in an image and also how to make a photo even better with one easy step that never fails me! NEVER!

  • Editing + Workflow! I’ll share with you how I edit an image from start to finish! I’ll share the preset I use and how I tweak it to make it my own.

  • 2 SHOOTS!! 2! One will take place inside my home with an adorable, stylish family. The second shoot will be a quick outdoor session in the snow. A whole different family! Yes, it will be a little chilly so you’ll want to dress warm. During the shoots, I’ll allow you to watch me shoot with your cameras down. This is so you’re able to take in information and see how I direct and interact. Then I’ll give you a chance to shoot over my shoulder while I direct. For the indoor shoot, once I’m done shooting, I’ll give each of you 5 minutes by yourself to pose and direct. I’ll stay in the room to watch. I can answer questions or help you see things through a different lens you aren’t seeing. Once each of you have had a turn we’ll wonder the house with the family and get some fun shots of just the kids, mom and dad and lots of fun images.

  • Food will be included. If you have food allergies or restrictions, please let me know! I’m happy to accommodate! And don’t feel like you’re putting me out! I have a little boy severely allergic to dairy and I’m currently egg, gluten and dairy free! haha So I get it!

  • Access to the Finding Joy In Chaos FB Group!

To keep the class size small and for everyone to get the time they need, I’ll only have 8 seats open.

Seats will be live here at this page, Monday, November 26th at 9am (MTS) Set your alarms!!

I can’t wait to teach and become friends with all of you!

SOLD OUT ***Note that your seat is non-refundable. If you're not able to attend anymore, please email me at and I will try to resell your seat. If someone can purchase your seat, they'll pay you directly! Once I receive confirmation that you've booked your seat, you can expect to receive an email from me within 24 hours. You may or may not have an assignment to do before the workshop. It'll be fun! Promise!