When: July 26th & 27th

Location: Park City Area

Cost: $1,500

Introducing the Finding Joy in Chaos Retreat; featuring BreAnne Weston Photography.

A 2 day workshop that covers all things family photography, editing and starting a journey of self discovery and gaining new friendships.

BreAnne wanted this workshop to be a slowed down version of the Finding Joy In Chaos Workshop with some added features of 1:1 portfolio review,

more shoots and the evening free to hang out as a group, watch movies, talk all about life and photography.

This workshop is designed to not only help you improve your family photography skills but to find your why and discover you!

BreAnne Weston has so much passion for family photography and wants to share all her why’s and how they changed her perspective.

She will also be teaching you how to photograph families with a purpose in mind and creating images that hold a lifetime of feelings.

Reserve your seat here on Wednesday, March 27th starting at 9AM MST!! Set your alarm!

Here is what you will learn and topics covered in the time you’ll spend with BreAnne:

Day 1 (July 26th)

  • Finding your clientele. Creating something unique to your brand.

  • How to get to know your clients to improve your sessions.

  • Get dad on board.

  • Camera Settings (Kevlin’s WB, apertures, shutter speeds and more!)

  • Session flow.

  • Posing

  • Lighting

  • 2 Shoots

  • 1:1 portfolio review and personal Q&A

Day 2 (July 27th) - Dig deep day (Creativity)

  • Understanding children’s body language.

  • Seeing beyond a pose.

  • Get in close without feeling awkward.

  • How to avoid and/or redirect breakdowns.

  • Lighting

  • Editing

  • 2 Shoots

2 nights lodging and all food will be included. If you have food allergies or restrictions, please let BreAnne know! I’m happy to accommodate! And don’t feel like you’re putting us out! BreAnne has a little boy who is severely allergic to dairy and she’s currently egg, gluten and dairy free! We get it and want to make this enjoyable for everyone!

BreAnne is so excited to have you join her for her first retreat and can’t wait to teach and get to know you all!!


Payment Options


Can we do a payment plan?

Of course. BreAnne wants to help you invest in education.. The payment plan consists of 2 payments. Half when signing up and half one month before the workshop (June 26th). Late fees do apply for payments not paid on time.

What if we can’t make the workshop anymore?

The workshop is non-refundable. If you need to sell your seat, you can! Reach out to BreAnne for a waitlist or we can announce a spot opening. You will be responsible for finding someone to take your spot as well as collecting payment from the new attendee.

Is lodging included?

YES!! We’ll all be staying together. It will be a fun time building friendships and being able to pick BreAnne’s brain all weekend!!

What’s the nearest airport?

Salt Lake City Airport. You can rent a car or there are also shuttles/ubers you can take. We will be carpooling so you won’t really need a vehicle unless you’d like to hit up the outlet mall or sight see during our down time.

What’s the max number of seats?

There is only 15 seats. The areas we will be shooting should have plenty of space as well so it’s not crowded.

Will there be sales tax?

Sales tax is included in the final price you see.