Finding Joy In Chaos Retreat - Schmidt Family - In-Home Lifestyle Session

There are two things I’ve developed a huge passion for in 2019, in-home family sessions and teaching. This was my 4th workshop for 2019 and it was definitely one for the books. I’ve been craving to shoot Kara’s family for sometime and once I saw their home they has started building, I knew I needed to make a shoot happen. I even based my retreat in Park City, Utah because it was somewhat close to her home so we could shoot there. Selfish? Nah!

Teaching other creatives how I see and create family imaginary is an honor and it brings me so much joy. When coming up with the name for this workshop, I wanted it to relate to how others see family sessions - chaos. I want others to see the joy in all types of chaos and not run from it. There will be so many more opportunities to attend future workshops but for now, I need to show all the pretty created.